Z axis probe offset off after a few prints

  • just finished my scratch built printer and finally got marlin working and printing better then i hoped it would 😄 almost perfect only one issue left is with the z auto home probe offset i have followed the instructions for setting the z offset brought to 0.0 then temp removed the soft stop and moved the print head down till just snagging a sheet of paper and did a test print and the z was a little high i had to add a additional -.5.. then it was spot on and printing right on but after 5 prints its now every time squashed a little to close so i raised it again and after a few prints its too high again. the auto leveling is working as can see the z leads moving as prints. anyone else had this issue can point me to what might be the cause?

    Edit: forgot info XD Marlin latest 1.1.7 main board RamBo 1.3 non mini.

  • Update 1/9/2018 Problem persists was printing perfect at 1.5 for last 2 days then started printing to high had to bump to 1.7 😕 not sure i checked everything from probe to lead screws nothing seams to move and is tight. if wasnt for this one issue i could hit print and walk away when it stays every print is spot on then just changes.

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