Problems running MatterControl 2.21.6 (6/15/21) on macOS High Sierra and Big Sur with MakerBot Mini

  • Kind Folks,

    Have a MakerBot Mini (Firmware that I'm trying to use with my MacBook Pro (10,1, early 2013) running (patched) macOS Big Sur or macOS High Sierra (as a Parallels Desktop VM) and have problems/questions:

    • MC crashes on startup on High Sierra. (I could check the console log for error msgs if that would be useful).

    • MC loads and runs on Big Sur, even appears * to connect to my MB Mini, and reports same. But when I attempt any action, the printer does nothing, and MC acts like it's running a simulated printer, i.e., the UI shows layer-by-layer printing that flashes by fast and then reports completed. True for all action commands I've found (e.g., extruder temp, etc.).

    • Note that the MB Mini is showing up properly in the macOS System Report as a fully detailed USB device. (This is especially curious because MB's own software (MakerBot Desktop Beta 3.10.11389, only macOS app they have that still supports the Mini!) doesn't recognize the printer on Big Sur; have to run it from High Sierra!

    • I'm presuming the MB Mini (firmware? with suitable app?) has the capability for "auto leveling". The bed has three metal pads at rear, left and right centers that would be ideal for calibrating any physical tilts in the bed and then compensating vertical positions in software. This would be highly desirable, because I've seen a severe problem with printing "large" (left-right spanning) objects with MB Desktop -- the raft can be separated easily on one side but is firmly(!) affixed/welded to the object on the other. Due to uncompensated bed tilt?

    • Does MC have a leveling/calibration procedure that works with the MB Mini? I tried to find one and got what appears to be a manual procedure. No manual bed adjustments on the MB Mini anyway.

    Note: I'm a licensed Apple developer, so have Xcode, etc., available. Let me know if I can do any diagnostics to assist in solving these issues. (For example, found the source repo in GitHub; where should I look in the code to start tracing down the High Sierra and Big Sur issues?)


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