Mattercontrol crashes and corrupted graphics

  • We just got a pulse XE to replace another machine. First day was not so good. We found out that slicing any model on that machine would corrupt the display, crash mattercontrol. If we hit print on that computer, it would do the same, but eventually BSOD the machine, and when it started up, we had issues with our flatbed printer rip software (Roland VersaWorks 5.5).

    Here's a video of it happening. NO matter the model, this is 100% repeatable:
    Imgr link

    Machine is win10 pro, 16gb ram, FX3500 4gb Quadro graphics, i7 870 (Lynnfield) in a Dell Inspiron chassis. All current with updates, and it runs our flatbed printer and ran other 3D printers (as well as some light CAD work) with no problem.

    The location is much where I would like the printer to sit, over in our climate controlled graphics shop. I would much rather connect to this Pulse XE via ethernet, but cannot seem to find an interface board or dongle that might support that. Webcam support would be nice, but is really low on the needs list.

  • I do have to say, this machine has not been a smooth experience for me. I expect this kind of setup and tweaking for a machine that came out of a kickstarter, not one that is sold as an engineering unit.

    Connecting to a laptop got these 2 errors to come up (sorry, had to re-size them)

    0_1626028176463_2021-07-09 14.00.57a.jpg
    0_1626028185720_2021-07-09 16.54.38a.jpg

    Hook it up to another machine, and these were the first 2 fun messages. After that, only took 2 tries to get an unsatisfying benchy. This was on standard mode, not fast. Looks horrible for an hour-20. (albeit I was using the leftovers of a roll of Raise3d Premium PLA that was vacuum stored)

    0_1626028272412_2021-07-09 19.11.26a.jpg

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