missing details in printed text

  • hello there,

    i'm very new to the 3d printing world and got one of those bizers with sailfish 7.7.

    i'm making tape covers and used to print them at a friend's who uses an ultimaker 2+ (0.4mm nozzle) and the c word as the slicer though.
    i have the models and tried printing it with makerbot desktop, realizing it looks very bad as the software wasn't updated in ages. with matter control i'm pretty happy except for one thing:

    the letters on the cover (cover is 2 bottom layers + a few shapes and text)
    after reading and watching a few tutorials and forum posts i was able to improve the quality tremendously but the holes in the letters are not very detailed or missing, for example the holes in A,a,g and e are almost non-existent. the letters do appear in the slicer and look good

    i'm using a 0.4 nozzle
    merge overlapping lines is turned off (helped a lot! dots of i finally appeared)
    expand thin walls is turned off (already better)
    layer thickness 0.1
    first layer 0.2
    perimeter 1
    initial layer speed 10mm/s

    bed 65° (with glass + filaprint)
    hotend 208°

    i'm aware that comparing ultimaker prints and bizer prints will have a different outcome but makerbot printed those holes
    in the letters just fine, didn't fill em up, though. i'm probably missing something very basic. the patterns on the cover are (in my opinion) much more detailed and look good.

    any help is appreciated.

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