BondTech Extruder grinding & clogging issues on FLSUN Delta printer

  • Hello everyone, I recently purchased a BondTech BMG extruder for my FLSUN QQ-S Pro and at my wit's end with it. I am constantly getting clogs and grinding after installation and e-step adjustment. I have tightened and loosened the tensioner, raised the extrusion temperature from 190c to 220c, lowered the retraction distance & speed to 2mm at 20mm/s (was originally much higher at 7mm at 70mm/s), leveled the bed, and even changed out the bowden tube. I tried giving my roll of Hatchbox a shot after so many failures with the 3D Solutech roll, and while there is some improvement, the clogs & grinding still continue. First picture shows the kind of clogs I keep getting (blue is 3D Solutech, black is Hatchbox), and the second is a few of many failed retraction tests. I am printing these at 100mm/s.
    1_1620544765626_184164204_800464407552775_5379511246518129616_n.jpg 0_1620544765624_184122474_159338526197546_4995269429664413790_n.jpg

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