Coordinate display and better grids when designing

  • maybe I just can't find a few settings, but I need a coordinate display for objects when I am designing. Having a grid with no numbers and no way to change the grid size, makes the design aspect of mattercontrol unusable for me. I do detailed mechanical designs with many objects having to be precisely placed and sized. Having a center or edge dimension and being able to set a numeric value for placement is a necessity. I know I can set the snap to grid (I am assuming that it is all in metric), but without knowing where the part ended up in the whole picture makes things too difficult.

    I run several printers with MatterControl, but I could never make use of the design screen the way things are now. I use TinkerCAD for designs, so I am not looking for a CAD level type package. I just need a design tool that makes life easier when manipulating objects for a design.
    Here is a typical part -

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