Mac: terminal went into "minimize limbo" / disappeared : temp fix tip

  • Just a quick finding. Sometimes the Terminal window goes into "Minimize Limbo" and cannot be brought to the front when using the minimize button. In the past, it would go to the dock and you could bring it back up easily. Even shutting down MC and restarting, terminal would startup but be lost in the background. I could see it running in mission control but clicking would bring back the main GUI for MC.

    A temp fix if others encounter this. Go to System, Displays, and resize your display. Pick a resolution that forces the terminal window to come back back to the front.

    What may be happening, is when either moved out of the way, (I.E. to the bottom or off screen), or minimized, it somehow goes past the native screen display setting and gets locked there. Older revisions of MC used to send the terminal to the dock as a separate icon, but it looks like terminal is now hiding behind the main MC icon on the dock.

    Spoke with dev. and apparently they plan to move it within the main MC app.

    Hope it helps

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