Basic Question - how do I edit a part that was created in mattercontrol?

  • I made a simple ring with an inner and outer diameter and height. I saved the file, under "Save As" then converted it to G-code and printed the part. Now would like to make the center hole of the ring a bit bigger. I can not find the option. If I click the ring I can change the outer diameter and height only, the center is not available.

    Also, if I make the inner hole say 10mm the outer 30mm, and the height 70mm before I hit the checkmark to confirm if I change the outside diameter or the height it automatically changes the center hole diameter.
    I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or am missing something simple.
    any help would be appreciated I am a new user as you can probably tell.

  • Hi.
    When you created the MC file you will have saved it somewhere, wither in the cloud library or the local library. take a look there and see if you can find it.
    by the way there are export options fro0m the print dialog so you could save as an .stl and then edit that by bringing it back into MC.
    You can change the parameters of the ring both at the time you make it, and later. If you change it by editing the black 'blobs' X,Y,Z it will change that dimension. theres scale object too.
    you should take a look at the online help- its excellent - spend 10 minutes there and it will pay you an hour of pain.
    Hope this helps a bit.

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