Fire security ? pause and restart a print ?

  • Hello ! I wondered, for reasons of fire safety, is it possible to pause and stop the nozzle heater, cool it and resume several hours after? or stop and resume later?

    There was a fire in France from a 3d printer just damaging material but it's still scary and for long impressions it's still a problem

  • Hello ! if you paste this code the print go to pause en cut the extrudeur , restart it et restart the print

    G28 X Y ; Revenir a Zero en X Y

    M104 S0 ; Couper la chauffe

    M300 S300 P1000 ; Bip 1 seconde

    M1 ; Pause attente pression

    M109 S200 ; Reprise de la chauffe à 200°

    M600 X0 Y0 Z10 E0 L0

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