Subtract and replace deletes resultant object

  • Hi
    I have a body object that has been formed from several operations and I wanted to slice a piece of the left and right sides of it.
    I went ahead and sliced the left side, that all worked OK,, ungrouped, then removed the overlapping bit
    But then trying the exact same thing with the right side, when I hit 'update' it removed the body object and the cube I'm slicing off, and moves the 'focus' so some non existent object on the origin.
    I've tried this a number of times (then undo) and it does the same each time?
    Help please? (I have remade the body object and now moved on but wonder why this is happening)
    I cant drop the file here but have pit before/after images1_1609334982843_before.PNG 0_1609334982841_after.PNG

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