Driver problem.

  • Sorry just posted to wrong section.
    Hi guys
    New to 3d and also MatterControl. I installed MatterControl on my Win 10 desktop yesterday also choosing theInstall drivers option (bad move). After that my Ender3 v2 fails to be recognised even though device manager sees it as Ramps and as working ok?.
    I had a thought to try MatterControl on my Win 10 laptop which I did but didnt choose the drivers option on the install and everything works fine now, recognises my Ender and alls fine even with the other 3d apps I have. Which leaves me with trying to uninstall the MatterControl driver on my desktop which will not go away each time I unplug/replug the printer no matter how many uninstalls Ive tried through device manager, any ideas how to remove it for good please?.

  • @gasman I am also in need of a solution for this problem.



  • Guys
    Update to driver problem!. Just done the latest Windows 10 update (version 20H2) and also chose all the optional updates and my Ender3 v2 printer is now recognised and working fine with Mattercontrol. ☺ !.

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