Modify STL file with edit function not working under Linux--

  • I have question about the process of 'rotating, scaling, duplicating, positioning, etc... in Matter Control.' When I attempt to 'edit' the stl file, I have to save in order to print, but the resulting .amf file isn't recognized by MatterControl and the file attributes along with the original file are unrecognizable to the software. What is the issue? Are there additional steps that need to be completed prior to or after editing the file? I have attempted multiple x,y.z tests, and none of them work (meaning won't save to be printed). I have been using Cura as a work around at the moment, but I'd prefer to work inside of Matter Control if possible.

    I appreciate any help you can offer.

    Thank you,

  • I have not run into this problem on Linux before. What distro are you on?

    Maybe it's a case sensitivity issue. If you rename the file from .amf to .AMF does MatterControl take it?

  • I attempted changing the name using every possible combination (referring to case (AMF, amf, Amf, etc...)). I also tried to 'save as' an stl file, obj, dxf, etc... As soon as the save function executes the file becomes 'missing' from the interface, and a question mark appears. The software seems unable to open its own file extension.?? I have been trying to read through the forums, faq, and the tutorials, but I don't see any other issues like this. Perhaps it is something with this OS. I may install another version of the OS, or Windows in a virtual machine and see what happens. @unlimitedbacon

    I will also tweak, where possible, the interface and see if that results in any changes.

    Thank you for the quick suggestion.


  • As I am testing the functionality, I also realized that the 'insert' option doesn't work either.

    The screen did recognize that two models were set to be rendered, but when it went to print nothing materialized for the second model.

    The system printed the original only.--continuing with the tests.

    As far as system: Linux Mint 17.3 w/ Matter Control 1.7

  • Can you try the new alpha version?

    MatterControl Linux Alpha

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