Parts keep disappearing when using subtract to round off edges

  • Hi

    I am having trouble with using the program. I can use the subtract feature for a decent amount of time but after so many uses the part I am working on just disappears completely. The part I am designing isn't even that complicated so I wouldn't be expecting this to happen. I have tried uploading the .mcx and .stl file but I am not allowed to but I have attached some images to show you what is happening. Is this just a limitation of the software or is it a mistake on my part?

    Image 1: The part is ready to be subtracted with a chamfer tool I have made.
    Image 2: The subtraction has taken place.
    Image 3: The part has disappeared when I have started to perform another task.

    0_1605281812448_Desktop Screenshot 2020.11.13 -

    0_1605281837087_Desktop Screenshot 2020.11.13 -

    0_1605281867082_Desktop Screenshot 2020.11.13 -

  • Me too.. and in general after opening a previous project.

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