Can you PID your Printer using MatterControl?

  • Still new in the 3D printing world. Wife got me an Ender 3 for retirement, to keep me busy, and I'v been trying to learn me a new hobby. I've made some changes, direct drive using the SeeMeCNC struder. Great setup but it's made of plastic. Eventually the "axle" on the moving part bent under the spring pressure and they were really nice to ship me a new one. Now it's back to the bowden tube using the blue Capricorn PTFE tube. I have a SKR Mini E3 v2.0 from BTT and that's been going fine. I've been learning PLA, then PET G and eventually I hope to start ABS for the upgrade.

    Sorry for a long intro. Now having issues with thermal run-away alarm going off at 245 trying to print PET G. Someone mentioned "PID" - duh I'm still really new and not sure what that is. So, every time I make a change, I'm suppose to PID the darn thing. I tried "Pronterface", loaded it and I don't know what I'm doing. It won't install, but you are suppose to just DL and extract it. Looking on Dr. Erv utube, he uses G-code sender to PID . Tried that and it doesn't work for me. The only program so far, I think that see's my Ender 3 is Matter Control, but still not sure.

    So is there a manual for "dummies" that I can follow for using matter-control to get my printer "Pid". Or will it even work?


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