Random help

  • I will start with I am a noob beyond belief and need some help. Current setup:

    Rostock Max V2
    E3D V6 hotend
    Otherwise stock
    Currently using sunlu PLA
    210 extruder
    60 bed heat

    I am trying to get some settings help. In Cura I hear about tree supports. Are there anything like that in mattercontrol? If not what support settings do you recommend to use? Currently using stock settings and not real happy with results. Thanks.

  • You can run the gcode Cura gives you through MC for the leveling if that's what you need; but other than possible leveling, why are you using MC?

  • @hamprinter

    I am unsure. The previous owner used mattercontrol for everything so that is what I was driven at. I downloaded Cura but there are no presets for the max v2 and without knowing much I stayed with the preloads. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • I like MC for the mesh modifications; that are easily done inside it, but for any sequential printing or complex slicing, I use Prusa Slicer or Cura.

    I would try and find a "preset" for your printer for either of the two mentioned programs.

    Does your printer use bed leveling through MC?

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