J-Head to E3D Hotend

  • I recently bought a used dual extrusion printer running Reprap. It is Bowden fed. It came with 2 J-Head Classic hotend's installed and the main unit is completely clogged and no matter how high I get the temp, I cant clear it. I have only found one place that carries this exact hotend. I would much rather replace both with 2 E3D V6's to match the one I have in my main large printer (600x600x600mm). Same parts means less money in spare parts. Physically, they will fit in the assembly without issue.

    My question is, if I change this over to the E3D V6.... is it just a plug and play change-over, or do I need to change anything in the firmware or the config files?

    Thanks in advance for any advice. If more information is required to better help me, please let me know.

  • @tmitch205 Depends. On the Jheads that come with the Anycubic Mega/Chirons the Volcano is a direct fit size wise. Now E3D uses Thermistor type 5 and some jheads do to. Some (And some V6 clones like the ones from Gulfcoast robotics which work as well as the original V6 with the same shortcoming) use Thermistor Type 1. Also Jheads are usually not all metal and in the firmware set to a max temp somewhere between 240 and 260. If you go to a V6 you can up that temp a bit in the Firmware. But if you only print PLA/PETG you can drop it right in unless the thermistor type is different Now thermistor type 1 and 5 are similar but if you run a 5 with the 1 table you are going to run it about 20C cool and if you run a 1 with a 5 you are going to be about 20 C hot - so its manageable but if you were printing PLA at lets say 215 the new temp might be 20 C more or less to get the same results

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