Upgraded my Creality CR 10S with a SwissMetal all metal direct drive extruder and all metal hot end kit

  • I read here that in order to take advantage of the higher temps I would need to make the change in the Marlin firmware and upgrade my thermistors (hot end and bed) as well as heating cartridges. Anyone here have the same scenario? Which thermistors did you go with, which heater cartridges??

  • @mrihatespam01 Not on a CR10 but on multiple Anycubic printers. Unless you go thermocouple and copper block you will be limited to about 300C now both Semitec and Epcos can handle that and then some more. Now each thermistor either already has a table in marlin and you just change the thermistor type ot 1 or 5 or whateve it is or if you use a specialty one then you got to add a table and make it that custom number. Same if you go to thermocouple. When you buy them they usually either have a table to download or say its "Type (whatever)" Now then set the max temp to about 5 C above the maxtemp you want to print with so if your Thermistor/block/heatercartridge is limited to 290 then make it 295 to protect it and at the same time allow for some fluctuations. After you are done you will have to (most likely) run a PID tune and also re-level your bed.

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