Windows 10 and Matter Control USB port issue

  • I bought a new laptop as the old netbook I was using for printing was freezing mid point (I assume due to processor freezing). Also I needed a better laptop....

    When I got my AMD Acer laptop, and Installed MC, I could not connect to my printer.

    Drilling down, I found that the default USB 2 speed was only 9600, and even when I changed the speed of the port manually, MC and the Printer could not connect.

    Any idea what is the problem would be?

  • First, lets make sure that you have the MatterControl driver installed correctly. I know that Windows 10 changed some things with the USB/Serial drivers. MatterControl will ask to install the driver whenever you add a new printer. You can either delete your printer from MatterControl and add a new one, or just add a second printer as a temporary measure. Either way it will ask you to do the driver install.

    If that doesn't take care of it, then please post a terminal log after trying to connect to your printer. This will hopefully tell us exactly what is going wrong.

  • @unlimitedbacon

    I recently installed Matter control 1.7.5 installed the drivers file. however when i go to print via USB to MY FFC Dual. 1 min later and mattercontrol automatically disconnects from my 3d Printer with an active print in limbo which forces me to go to the unit and cancel manually

    running win 10 MCU Aug Version Administrative permissions and it still auto disconnects after a brief moment during the start of the print.

    Plesas Help

  • @p1H3u7u7n5, please make a new thread since your problem is not the same as Voradams'. Also please post the terminal log, as I described above.

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