Need help with first layer speeds above support structures

  • Need some help.

    I'm printing PETG, got a real good first layer to stick but i have to print really slow. 15mm/s The rest i'm printing near 30-40 mm/s @ 250C. (no layer fan)

    So here's the issue. . . i use supports for overhangs, but when i print over them i print at the same 15mm/s. I assume the system thinks its printing as a first layer hence the speed. The first layer above the supports prints terrible, globs up, bad adhesion, etc. My thought is its like its printing over very little bridges but it isn't moving fast enough. The good news is the next subsequent layer moves at normal print speed, sticks and really helps smooth things out.

    The issue is when i got to remove the supports, the surface finish is not usually good, but in this case its pretty awful.

    Is there a way to get the first true layer to move at a certain speed and a different speed for layers directly above support?

    Really at a loss here, not sure what to do.


  • See the full list of speeds available in MatterControl here:

    As you'll see, there's not a specific setting for the layer above the support material, but perhaps one of the other speeds is the one you'll want to adjust for the layer you're having trouble with.

    I could take a closer look if I had the G-Code. Can you share the .gcode file? Use Dropbox or Google Drive and share the URL.

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