Slic3r Flies off the bed...

  • After the last MatterControl / MatterSlice upgrade, I started getting inverted seams on the Z-axis of hollow cylinders. I went to try the Slic3r slicer in MatterControl, and it slices fine until it starts up and thinks the center of the bed is 150mm off the edge of the bed. This is a Rostock Max V2. CuraEnginer works, as does MatterSlice, but Slic3r thinks the center of the bed is waaaaay off. Is there anything I can do to address this? I'd like to use the "Randomize Starting Z" functionality to get rid of the seams. I already checked my retraction, do outer perimeters first, and a slew of other settings to no avail. The seams are just there, but I'd still like to try Slic3r.

    I used to post here all the time years ago, but can't remember my password so this is a new account!

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