make a platform solid surface with embossed text on top

  • Hi Folks, I've had a robo 1+ for a while now, but relatively new to actually designing stuff. First project is a cylinder with embossed text on one end - to be used to stamp text into clay.

    My problem is that the slicer builds the hollow cylinder with infill (that's good!) but then the end of the cylinder platform is made with gaps where the text goes. result is that the edges of the text can become a bit dodgy and high risk of leaving burrs that collides with the extruder and potentially cracks the model off the bed.

    Is it possible to define a layer as a complete solid layer - like make a cylinder with both ends solid, then start building the embossed text on a flat plane?

    That would solve the problem I'm having, but I can't figure out how to make it happen :-}

    Any suggestions will be very welcome! : - )

    Cheers, Mike.

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