gcode export fails for small STL

  • I'm running a freshly-downloaded MatterControl on Ubuntu LTS 20.04. I have a small .stl model built in OpenScad loaded on to the bed and want to export the GCode but whatever control I use to do so, either from the print menu of by right-clicking on the bed, there is no gcode produced anywhere I can find.

    Clicking "Export" in the print menu appears to have no effect. When I select GCode in the pop-up dialog from right-clicking on the bed and then hit Export, the dialog disappears, but even if I check the "Show file in folder after save" toggle box, there is no confirmation that a .gcode was actually exported.

    I had this working ok under 1.75 but wanted to jump to v2 so I could run it on a current Ubuntu.

    "Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide."

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