Boolean Operations fail on complex/high Mesh items

  • Hey folks, im a slightly inexperienced user, i mainly utilize MatterControl when designing 3d printed models for random things simply because its so simple to move, transform, modify, and combine multiple objects both designed in the app and imported as STL's HOWEVER: I have always had this problem with higher mesh items and performing boolean operations with them, the operation will show itself in the bottom left corner and sometimes its says something about "Do CSG" then when it finishes the operation, the item is entirely gone. Currently im trying to combine two imported STL's, one remains after the operation one disappears. I have run both STLs through MeshMixers inspector and both dont have any gaps, errors, or usual things that would inhibit a boolean operation.

    On another side note, ive got a decently powered gaming PC but boolean operations sometimes still take forever as well as signifigant frame rate drop when viewing an object with alot of supports in it. Is this a normal thing for all users or is MC somehow not utilizing my PC's Graphics card to assist in rendering things?

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