Fan turning on despite settings and causing thermal runaway.

  • Hi,

    I'm printing on a Robo R1+ and using Matter Control v. 1.5 provided by Robo. I am having an issue with the fan causing thermal runaway and ruining prints. The fan isn't necessary, and I've set minimum, maximum and bridging fan speeds at 0% to prevent the fan from turning on. I've also disabled the fan for the first 100 layers. However, the fan is consistently turning on to 100% after printing the first layer.

    I know that the fan is based on the time it takes to finish a layer, and I have the first layer set to print at 30% speed. However, I don't see how the fan would be able to turn on to 100% beginning with the second layer with these settings. The fan invariably causes a thermal runaway error within half a layer, so I have about a 15 second window to manually shut it off and save the print.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions on things I could try to stop this.


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