need help subtract not working

  • I'd like to start by saying I love matter control, any other software I've tried has either been way to complex or unfriendly user interface, matter control is what I found I like but a software that doesn't work is about as useless as one that's overly complex, anyway I've run into an issue where when select two parts to subtract a portion from my model will click update and nothing seems to happen then the next time I click on the bed the whole model disappears, using version, I've searched a little on here and it seems I'm not the person to experience this issue or a similar one but I haven't seen anything on some kind of fix or work around. Please help

  • I'm having the same issue. The subtract option works fine for simple shapes but not one that is complex. I'm working around the problem by creating a drawing of the complex part of the object as a jpg then uploading it to Matter Control and converting it to 3D - instead of creating the complex part in Matter Control. This seems to allow Matter Control to read it as a less complex object. When I do it that way, it correctly subtracts from the base object MOST of the time but not always. My object was moderately complex. 0_1587948100053_snowflake4.jpg

  • Don't hit Lay flat at all. For some reason it breaks it.

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