First layer of my print is off by .25mm??

  • I have had poor luck getting my 3d printer to print any 3d files. Filament will not stick to the bed plate because the files first layer starts off at .25mm above the printing bed. Is this a firmware issue causing a layer hieght change in the g code or is it an issue MatterControl? Should I reflash my board? It happens with all my files and this used to not be a problem with my printer. The gcode is below

  • This is normal. It is because of the first layer thickness setting. Since your first layer is 0.25 mm thick, the printer moves to 0.25 mm above 0.

    If your printer is printing too high for things to stick to the bed, then you should not adjust this setting. Instead, you should either relevel the bed or use the baby stepping controls to adjust the printing height on the fly.

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