Which profile to use with flyingbear p902

  • Hi all,

    i have been using matter control for a few years now with my robo 3d. i recently purchased a flyingbear p902.

    i wanted to see the difference if i use a printer with z- bed.

    does any one know which printer profle i can use with this printer since it is not in the list?

    please excuse the ignorance on this next question. when saving gcode is that portable to all printers or is it model specific?

    thanks in advance.

  • G-Code is generated for a specific printer based on configuration settings, so usually it's meant to be used for just that one printer.

    You can use the Other -> Other (Make -> Model) profile to start a new profile for a model that does not yet have a profile. Check this list for the minimum settings to configure for a new printer: http://wiki.mattercontrol.com/Custom_Printer_Profiles#Edit_printer_settings

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