Slice settings dont work properly

  • There is a number of problems i am having since the day i tried mattercontrol for the first time.
    After i dial my favorite settings i get confused what to save, Quality or Material ?
    I made many changes allover the Slice settings and which once save what is a mystery.

    It appears to me that both Quality and Material have their own effects on Slicer settings and thats confusing.
    Not only that, but some settings they control have NOTING to do with either quality or with Material.

    Life would make more sense if there was one "Slicer Presets" that effects all the options below instead of everything else.
    With only ONE thing to worry about, managing presets would be allot easier even from a programming stand point.

    There is "Slice Settings" tab that allows you to pick "Quality" and "Material".
    If i select "Quality" looks like "General" settings are effected.
    If i select "Material" looks like "Filament" settings are effected.

    Problems with "Quality" presets
    Infill type or density or number of layers as number of perimeters are NOT quality related settings. The ONLY quality related settings in 3d printing is layer height and nozzle diameter. Everything else are tweaks to make model look or feel the way you need.

    Problems with "Material" presets
    These effect cooling parameters but do not enable cooling. Nonsense.
    It effects retraction parameters but not enable retraction. Nonsense.

    I have a solution but who cares ?

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