How to STOP retraction during infill and supports ?

  • I ABSOLUTELY have to have retractions to happen mostly everywhere but there are 2 places where retraction is a WASTE of time.
    #1 Infill. Not bottom/top fills but once in between. There is no need for retraction UNLESS crossing a perimeter, in which case preventing crossing a perimeter can be used.
    Crossing perimeter prevention option could also be specific to infill area, which will add another benefit to the tweaking mechanism.
    #2 Support.
    Not entire support does not need retraction but only whats between 1st and last layers of support, much like for infill.

    I am printing a model that has 20% infill. I need retraction to happen if travel is more then 2mm. When infill is printed, allot of retractions take place because there are allot of places where travel >2mm takes place.
    Is there a way to stop retraction or maybe have retraction settings independent for infill ?

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