Combining parts deletes one?

  • Hey it's been a while since I posted. Hope everyone is well. Since I was here last, I shelved my cheap CTC printer and purchased a Prusa MK3S. So far so good. 🙂

    I have an odd thing with MC though. The lad wants a torch holder for his scooter and we found one on thingiverse. However it needed tweaking to accommodate his torch. Easy enough, except I need to block two of the old mounting holes, and made my own on the side. When I go to combine the parts, MC deletes the main part I'm trying to combine it with. I'm not sure why. I thought maybe it was due to a gap between the parts, but that doesn't seem to effect it.

    I managed to tweak the other parts just fine. Except this one. Does anyone have any ideas?

    Photos attached.




  • I have the similar issue. I have 3 parts and when I combine them, two of them disappear (the two red parts in the screen shot)
    1_1579954923002_Before.jpg 0_1579954923001_After.jpg

  • After moving the two red parts 0.1mm closer to the centre part the combine then worked

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