Wrong placement of the print

  • Hey guys,

    I dusted off my old leapfrog creatr and decided to try out matter control. But the results are really disappointing and I don't get why. I'm using the most recent version of matter control.

    The problem evolves as follows:

    In the tab of the printer I place for example, a cube of 2x2cm in the middle of the print area of of the 3d view of matter control.

    I press print and the nozzle and the bed heat up.

    Then the print starts. But it's not starting in the middle of the bed, it starts a little right at the homing position.

    What I tryed so far:
    I tryed placing objects in each corner of the volume. It still starts on the left front corner and travels a bit right back in y while printing. Then it gets really loud because the print head tries to go even further to the left. Even if it can't go further.

    I tried different settings in the printer menu like moving the bed center coordinates to 0.

    Moving the homing position somewhere else

    My building volume jumped all over the place in 3D view, but the print is always starting at the wrong place.

    I would be really glad if somebody could give me a hint what I should try next.

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