Comparing Settings

  • I am trying to compare different sets of settings of previously printed objects. What is the best way to do this? I looked at exporting Quality configuration sets and comparing the .slice files, but they had different sets of attributes. I remember seeing settings at the bottom of generated GCode files in the AppData folder. Is that the way to go? Is there a way to retrieve settings sets for items in the print history?

  • I would export all the settings (not just the quality or materials presets) through the Options.. menu, then you can run a diff on the two files to see what has changed.

  • Thanks.

    Is it possible to recall or reload settings from an archived print listed in the History tab?

  • @tellingmachine The settings for previous prints aren't accessible in MatterControl, but the .gcode files which were created to run the prints are stored in the MatterControl data folder in .../MatterControl/data/gcode. At the bottom of each .gcode file are all the slice settings used. Just line up the time and date in the History tab with the time and date on the files to find the one you want.

    Here are the locations of the data folder for various operating systems:

    Windows: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\MatterControl (AppData may be hidden)

    Mac OS X and Linux: ~/.local/share/ (.local may be hidden)

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