MC and Rep 2x - am I missing something?

  • I've got my rep 2x connected to MC via my iMac and it connects and everything but the profile seems like it needs a lot of manual adjustment. For example the default setting is 1 extruder and no heated bed. Is this right...?

    I'm trying to print out an object but it just won't stick to the bed. ABS extrudes, sticks briefly but then is dragged off when the extruder moves.
    I've printed out a test object using the Makerbot app and it printed fine, no problems with adhesion but every time I try to print with MC the same thing happens.
    I've messed about with the z offset to try to get the nozzle closer. -.5mm I think is too close. The ABS extrudes and sticks but in a very "beady" fashion. At -.4mm to -.2mm the same thing happens i.e. poor adhesion.

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