Opinion on MakerGear 3D-SE (as first printer)

  • I am new to 3D printing and looking to acquire a first printer.

    My application is 28mm miniatures with a high level of detail. Minature landscape and dwellings are not presently a consideration. I am also not sure what other parting applications will come in the future, so multiple material filament composition is a huge consideration. In the future, once sufficient skill is achieved, part-for-hire work is possible.

    I have looked at the MatterHacker videos on the MakerGear 3D-SE and -ID, but did not find much in the community threads on these units. Being new, and the budget is large, I really wanted some advice before taking the leap.

    I was hoping to avoid resin, given the odor, mess and cost of print, even though this is likely the best option for detail, and of course CLIP and CLDM are out of price range. The Boss says I would have to use resin in the garage, and dust, dirt, and lack of environmental temperature control are negatives, as well as only wifi or direct media (sd/usb) would be available.

    The budget I was hoping not to exceed is $2500 (MG 3D-SE is $50 over so still acceptable). I am also considering the Palette 2 Pro addition in the future, provides a way to obtain multiple filament scenarios with a single extruder, allowing for dissolvable supports.

    Any and all advice is appreciated,

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