• I didn't see a category for this printer.

    I am new to printing and have a roll of white PLA Pro. The MatterHackers info says print from 185 to 205C, default on my printer for PLA is 215C. Which temp range should I go with?

    The PLA from PRUSA Research printed well and MatterHackers has a good rep, I am just confused about why the apparent problem.

    On a calibration print, lots of little 'nubs' are being left on the print surface rather than nice clean lines. And I had to disassemble the nozzle because it became clogged using this almost full spool of filament.

    Just looking for some suggestions here! Thanks in advance.

  • White PLA tends to require a little more heat than other colors due to the pigment used in the manufacture of the filament. While 185-205C can work for other PLA filaments, 215 is acceptable. If printing at 215 and you still experience clogs, bump up to 220 and give that a try.

    If you continue to have issues with this filament please email and we'll be happy to assist.

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