2nd print starting too far away from bed.

  • I have had this issue a few times now and haven't be able to track down whats causing it I am using the version 1.70 and a RAMPS board not sure if that part matters built this up a few years ago been running with Mattercontrol.. Anyhow when I first connect up and start my print all goes well, but when I start a second print when travels across the bed it lowers as usual which is a great feature. The problem is it doesn't go all the way down it tries to print about 1mm from the bed. To fix it I usually cancel the print and reconnect and start the print again. Thinking I have something set wrong when it zeros it out. Its like it thinks Z 0 is higher than the limit switch. I don't have any offset setup, maybe I should add something to the start piece to make it check twice for Z to get it working. Wondering if anyone else has run in to this.

  • Are you by chance using the Z button in CONTROLS to fine-tune the print after it starts? Starting in MatterControl 1.7, any baby-stepping (as it's referred to) done during the print is remembered by MC and will apply the same value to the next print. Not that it easily explains your issue, but it's something to consider if you hadn't.

  • Talking with the other techs some more, baby-stepping doesn't seem like the issue.

    Can you send the files outlined in this section of our debugging article so we can investigate? http://wiki.mattercontrol.com/Send_Debugging_Information#Other_Useful_Files

  • Thanks for looking in to this for me. I will get those files collected tonight.

  • Disregard its a hardware error from what I can tell. I looked at a time lapse video I have and when it zero's out Z after the first print it doesn't touch the build plate. I am using a mechanical limit switch inside my probe guessing that when it gets warmer it triggers a different than the first print. Going to replace the switch tonight and test it again. I will send an update after my testing. May upgrade a different setup in the future for my probe. Any suggestions for good Z probes?

  • Got it; that makes more sense.

    @AquaticsLive said:

    Any suggestions for good Z probes?

    We don't have one to recommend yet, but we're working on something for our store. It's still a little ways off-- not sure exactly how long.

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