MatterControl not seeing my printer

  • I just upgraded to windows 10 (hate it) , downloaded MatterControl 2.0 and installed it on my new system. The interface loaded great and I got all my setups for the printer imported into MatterControl. Clicked on "Connect" and nothing, it couldn't find my printer. I tried manually connecting but with the same results. On my windows 7 system my printer uses COM9, that Com port doesn't show up on the list of available COM ports. What am I doing wrong?


  • Hey

    What type of printer? I have a Makerbot copy (CTC brand off ebay). I have the Makerbot Desktop installed which runs a background service. This blocks any COM ports for the printer, or makes them exclusive for their software. So I have to go into Makerbot and select "stop background services"

    Then I can connect.

    In MatterControl, in the Printer tab, under General. Make sure you have the correct Baud rate. Mines set to 115200.

    One way to check which COM port Windows now uses:
    In Matter Control, hit manual connect. There should be a couple of COM ports in the list. Unplug your printer USB and hit refresh. The one that disappears is your COM port for said printer. If neither disappear, you might need to install a driver for it using whatever proprietary software said printer is meant to use (in my case Makerbot Desktop). Then try again.


  • Hi Dboath,
    My printer is a GeeTech Pro i3 Prusa i3 copy dual extruder and heated bed. Printer baud is set to 250000 COM4, on windows 10 system. I can sit all day waiting for it to connect and it doesn't.

    On my windows 7 system the baud is 250000 COM9 and the printer connects withing 20-secs.

    I don't understand what's preventing the connection with the windows 10 system, other than windows 10 sucks. 🙂

  • @hal2000 said in MatterControl not seeing my printer:

    GeeTech Pro i3

    So when you unplug the USB and hit refresh Com 4 disappears? That's at least narrowed it down.

    I googled the Geeetech Pro i3 and found this: Prusa I3 pro&pro B User Manual.pdf

    Page 1 mentions specific driver:

    Maybe there's a windows 10 driver.

    It says they use/require Repetier host 1.6.0 as the printer software. Perhaps try using that first, make sure it detects it etc. If you can get it working with everything they recommend, then moving to MatterControl could be the next step.


  • @dboath Damien, thanks so much. That drive was the missing link. You're a life saver. Thanks.


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