E3D HotEnd on a Prusa i3

  • Hi, I have a Prusa i3 which can only get up to 240 ºC. As I saw in the knowledge base, just with changing the HotEnd will be enough so to be able to print with nylon. For what I checked, it is compatible, but I have also read on the internet that changing the temperature to a higher one in a printer can be quite bad and ending up burned. Is it safe to do it? Which HotEnd could be better?


  • Though I'm not 100% on the safety, I do know that you may have to replace the power supply if you want to get it any hotter. If you lack the power to push the temps up, you're going to burn out the power supply and possibly the mobo

  • This depends a lot on which Prusa i3 you have. There are a lot of variants out there. If you have the Original Prusa i3 Mk2 then it would be an easy upgrade. The Mk2 comes with an E3D Lite6 hot end. You would just need to replace it with a standard E3D v6. They use the same wattage heater cartridge, so power would not be an issue. You may also need to reconfigure the firmware to raise the temperature limit.

  • It is a Acrylic Prusa i3 pro B from Geeetech with a Mk8 extruder. I changed the PSU to one with 20A 12v and 250W.

  • In that case installation will be more difficult. I'm not sure exactly why there would be a safety concern. Could you link to where you read that?

  • I have been looking into increasing temperatures on the internet much more, and I have realized that the post I read in a forum it was just someone too scared of cables and changig anything because his printer didn't stand the changes. I wonder what he did to the machine. I have found an all metal Mk8 extruder, so I will try with it. It would be better than changing the hot end, wouldn't it? The support needed looks similar.

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