Keeping filament dry while storing

  • I use the toolbox and desiccant shown to store my filaments. Both are avail at the local big box building supply store. The tool box shown is air tight and has a nice seal around the bead where the top closes. The desiccant is available in the paint department. This toolbox fits 9 spools and the desiccant. Empty the desiccant container every six months. This particular toolbox will stack with others and there is a bottom box with wheels.

  • Looks great! Thanks for sharing your solution.

  • Google "scuba box" 44ltr and 50ltr are ideal.... the 44ltr version holds 6 full reels of filament and a dozen "samples" of 5 or 10mtr

    the boxes are watertight and airtight as well as being black to stop UV degradation

    I use the 44ltr size with 500grams (a pound weight) coloured silica gel (google) which changes colour when it gets damp... then dry it for a few minutes in a microwave.

    should be easy for you.... I'm in the uk and had to find an importer for the scuba box... thanks solent plastics (for anyone in the uk or eu.


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