Issues in multi material printing.

  • ...the order of printing with 2 materials in MatterControl is not acceptable.

    1. Skirt is printed only with 1 extruder (small problem)

    2. MatterControl is printing with each extruder only 1 layer, that's a giant waste of time. (big problem)

    If I print a part with two colors (materials) the program should print for example with first extruder Layer 1,

    then with second extruder layer 1 and layer 2

    then with first extruder layer 2 and 3.

    then with second extruder layer 3 and layer 4

    ....and so on

    actually I have with MatterContol exactly the double tool changes than in Cura or S3D.

    There is also a problem with temperature settings if the materials are printing not with the same temperature.

    When both heaters are started up at the beginning of the program everything seems to be alright.

    When a tool change is performed I used in Custom G-Code tab this variable:

    The output in the program is ok for extruder 0

    active tool is T0 , next tool is T1

    G1 X151.112 Y154.351 E18.5288

    G1 X150.721 Y154.364 E18.53125

    ; Before Tool Change GCode

    M104 S185

    G1 F1800 E0.5312 ; retract

    G92 E0 ; reset extrusion

    T1 ; switch extruder

    But it is not ok for extruder 1

    active tool is T1 , next tool is T0

    G0 F12000 X144.248 Y140.712

    G1 F1260 X140.839 Y137.303 E21.2402

    ; Before Tool Change GCode

    M104 S185

    G1 F1800 E3.2402 ; retract

    G92 E0 ; reset extrusion

    T0 ; switch extruder

    In both tool changes the program looks only to temperature settings of T0 (Extruder 1)

    The "temperature" variable looks also only to T0 (extruder 1), it is the same problem.

    This facts are disabling MatterControl in multi material printing for me.

    Greetings Roland

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