Filament Ran Out During Print...

  • Hi everyone,
    I am sure this is not the first time this has happened to anyone.
    I had a long print running overnight, when I came back in the morning, it had just ran out of filament about 5 minutes before I got there. I know this because my boss texted me as he saw the last 6 inches going into the extruder.
    So best case was for him to login and PAUSE the print, but he couldn't get in, because I was logged in...
    My question is is there g code for the robo 3d r1 to pause a print if it runs out of filament? Because by the time I got there, the printer stopped where it ran out of filament... good... BUT, it wasn't PAUSED, it was just done, as there was no option to RESUME the print after replacing the filament.
    I found where I could get the Z height from the bed to where my print stopped, and modify the g-code to eliminate everything up to that Z dimension. But I am just learning, so I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing, the extruder still wanted to wipe the bed and go through its normal routine... of course it started hitting the part, so after trying this a couple times, I gave up for now.
    I tried this a couple different ways, first I wiped everything out of the g-code up to the next lowest z-height to what I measured... so my first line of g-code was now the z-height, no setup info or anything... AND I think I removed the X and Y code for the that Z height...
    Then I tried the same thing as above but kept the setup info in the g-code... which probably need to be changed...

    I am a total nexb to this, but I love it... so I want to learn. So any ideas or info would be much appreciated.

  • @SATayo said:

    > is there g code for the robo 3d r1 to pause a print if it runs out of filament?

    GCode is a file format for sending instructions to the printer which are executed line-by-line, one after another. Unlike a computer program, GCode files have no algorithms which might look for something like filament running low, so that functionality would have to be done by sensors on the printer. ROBO 3D printers do not have any sensors for detecting the amount of filament left on a spool or any lack of filament flowing through the extruder, so that particular printer doesn't have a way to communicate with MatterControl to let it know.

    As for restarting prints, the ROBO 3D R1/R1 Plus is not capable of doing this, at least after a print has finished. Once the printer homes after a print, the leveling must run again and the coordinates will be slightly off from the last print.

  • Thank you Ryan. Ya, I understand now that there would need to be a sensor for the filament in order for any g-code to work...

    The print did stop, but it was still in the last location where the filament ran out... printer was not paused, it just stopped.

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