Timely support for Monoprice Maker Architect Printer

  • We have recently purchased a Monoprice Maker Architect 3D printer. At $300 US for a fully assembled printer, we had to give it a try. The printer does great, and we only had to install 2 screws. However, the default software was a mess. And we had no support with out MatterControl 1.3 that we LOVE so much (having used it with a K8200 we had all last season). We were really worried. Then we installed the 1.4 update - with MakerBot support! We told MatterControl it was a MakerBot Replicator 2, updated the settings given in the Maker Architect manual, and voila - we have it working. Thank you for the wonderful software, and the very timely support for MakerBot systems over the USB (virtual serial) connection!

  • Besides telling MatterControl is was a MakerBot Replicator 2 printer what other settings did you change from looking at the Maker Architect manual? I have heard people say this but no one elaborates on what the settings from the manual are. I have this exact printer and I am running into some issues with it not using the whole print bed and some stuff being to small in size. Any help on getting the settings down right would be much appreciated.



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