Problem with closing box (thin Walls) and Translation to PL problem

  • Hey.
    I have a problem with the closure of thin walls.
    MatterControl cuts the project so that the print goes from beginning to end and then returns to the beginning and raises the Z axis And it makes the walls are not connected.

    And by the way ... After the update to 1.6 (previously I had probably 1.4) I noticed serious errors of translation into Polish

  • Can you post the Model File, Slice Settings, and G-Code File as generated by these instructions? Dropbox or Google Drive links work well for hosting files.

    Translation was changed recently to use Google Translate. We're working on a new way of using the user-defined translations that were in previous versions of MatterControl, but it will take a while to finish.

  • Thank you for your answer.
    Here a link to google account
    So I thought that google translation ...

    Foreigners say that the Polish language is not easy 🙂

  • We tried printing the model you sent, and the issue might be related to cooling. Do you have any fans on the print? When we tried to print with no fans it did not work; with fans it seems to be printing correctly.

  • Yes i have cooling for print. Did you see photos of my print ? i think it's to small overlap for the printing item

  • Yes, I looked at the pictures. We tried to reproduce the issue with the model and settings you linked to but were unable to.

    In its current implementation, Expand Thin Walls is really meant more for touching up small areas within a print that would otherwise not render properly without the setting enabled. It's not intended to be used to expand an entire perimeter like the box you're trying to print. The walls are 0.5mm, which is exactly the nozzle diameter, and this makes operations difficult for the slicer. Increasing the walls even to 0.51 would be much easier for MatterSlice to work with. I will make a note about the issue you're having with the functionality of this setting, but I don't expect any quick changes to the way it works so you'll probably want to modify the model instead.

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