Extruder not extruding

  • This may be a stupid question.

    Just finished putting together a mini kossell printer.

    yesterday everything was working. Still in the debugging stage and when I try and print tonight the extruder motor does not move. I am using mattercontrol and in manual mode I can move the extruder in both directions and the nozzle is not clogged.

    I have been "exploring" the different options in the settings but nothing that would indicate "don't extrude" In the gcode panel it looks like it is not outputting and extrude commands.

    Any pushes in the right direction would be appreciated


  • You say it is able to extrude manually using the controls. That narrows it down a bit. It means its not an electrical or mechanical issue.

    First thing you should do is check the gcode terminal while printing to see if any errors are being reported by the printer. For example <-echo: cold extrusion prevented. If nothing shows up in there, then lets make sure that MatterControl is actually telling your printer to extrude. Export both the gcode file and your slice settings and post them.

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