Target Hotend Temperature not included in gcode

  • Hi,

    I recently updated my MatterControl to version 1.6.0. Unfortunately since then my exported gcode is missing the target temperature for the hotend. The temperature for the bed is set, but temp 0 is missing. If I adjust the temparature manually ,the print starts when the temperature is reached. So everything as expected, except that the target temperature is 0 in the beginning. Update to 1.6.1 does not resolved the problem.

    I'm using it with an SeeMeCNC Orion Printer, Stock Firmware Repetier Version 0.91

    Slicer: MatterSlice

    After the Update to 1.6, I also had to create the printer settings again, as they where not taken from the old version. So almost stock settings there as well.

    Did something changed between 1.5 and 1.6 regarding the gcode exporting? Or is there anything else I'm doing (suddenly) wrong?

  • It sounds like the import wizard did not run as expected, which was a bug in 1.6 that was fixed in 1.6.1.

    Delete the Profiles folder found at C:\Users\$USERNAME$\AppData\Local\MatterControl\Profiles (AppData may be hidden by default) and relaunch 1.6.1.

    This time the import wizard should run and you'll be able to import all the settings and profiles from before the upgrade. Once you have those I suspect that slicing will work as you expect.

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