Support material extruded by ext1 no matter what settings I use

  • Hi all,

    having a problem with support material - was trying to use flashforge creator with dual ext to print a small model, using ext 2 for both the model and the support. No matter what settings I use (making sure that Support Material Extruder and Support Interface are set to "2" - everywhere I can), MC is trying to print the support with ext1 instead of 2. It actually tries to cold extrude when Support Material Extruder is set to 2. When it is set to no 1, it works fine using the other spool. What am I missing here ? Thanks!

  • This should be working. When you go to the layer view, does it show the support material as a different color? Make sure you have Display Speeds turned off. Black represents extruder 1 and light blue is extruder 2.

  • Yes it's different - black. Screenshot attached. Perhaps I'm missing something in the settings - is the option in the pic below the only thing I'm supposed to change to have the support printed from the same extruder ? I noticed that the same setting is available in general settings and presets - I changed them all but maybe that's where the error is ? Just speculating here.

  • Yes, it looks like you are doing everything correctly, and the colors in the layer view indicate that it should be working. Does it have this problem when you try to print two STLs with different materials?

    Also, if you go to Settings > Printer > Features, is the extruder count set to 2?

  • Haven't tried printing 2 separate files yet however it works fine when using 2 different materials for the same stl - one nozzle is printing the support and the other the actual project. And then when it's set to use a single extruder to do both, it tries to use the second extruder for the support again - this time without heating it up (so basically is trying to cold extrude). Extruder count is set to 2.

    edit: I managed to solve this partially by setting the Support Material/Interface Extruder to "3" . Haven't tested it because a new problem popped up. The bed temperature doesn't hold - any thoughts on that?

  • Ok I misunderstood. I thought you wanted the support printed with the second extruder and the object printed with the first extruder. What you are asking is for both the support and the object to be printed with the second extruder. You are right, this does not seem to be working correctly. I have filed a bug report.

  • Thanks. As mentioned, setting Support Material/Interface Extruder to "3" seems to fix the issue but unable to test until I figure out why the bed temp drops after printing starts.

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