MatterControl 1.6 is out!

  • As of November 21, 2016, MatterControl 1.6 is now the current stable version, and we're pretty proud of it. There's lots of new features and settings, and the user experience is better than ever.

    Update from the HELP menu in MatterControl (desktop) or from the ABOUT tab (Touch and T10) for this great new version. Alternatively, download directly below.

    Check out the Release Notes here:


    Please let us know how version 1.6 works for you!

  • Having issues with the edit view showing changes to scale and rotation. Settings are changed in the fields, but no updates to the 3D views. Before the update I would have to say performance was flawless. I have encountered these same issues now on both the desktop version for the Mac AND the Touch T10.

    I am also getting more frequent "Not-respond" crashes.

    I posted about this on the forum as a topic as well.

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