Support for PowerSpec Ultra 3D (MicroCenter private label FlashForge Dreamer)?

  • Will MatterControl soon support the PowerSpec Ultra 3D printer? This is MicroCenter's private label version of the FlashForge Dreamer. Well, sort of. The Ultra has the body of the FlashForge Creator (aka MakerBot Replicator Dual) and the brains of the FlashForge Dreamer. It uses what appears to be a native USB interface which does not expose a virtual serial port. Possible future support for the Dreamer was mentioned in this forum post:

    Information about the PowerSpec Ultra 3D printer can be found at the MicroCenter web site:

  • The forum post to which you refer was posted seven months ago, and progress has been slow for support for the Dreamer/PowerSpec Ultra. It won't be ready for the next version of MatterControl slated to be released at the end of this month, unfortunately, but we'll continue to work on it. As such, I can't say it will be ready "soon" but perhaps in the version following this next one.

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