Get $15 MatterHackers Store Credit for Printer Profiles!

  • Hi MatterControl users!

    The MatterControl team is gearing up for the next version, and we're hoping to add some new profiles to the mix. If you have a printer not currently supported in MatterControl and have developed a profile for it, you can send it to us in exchange for a $15 store credit for the MatterHackers online store.


    1. The profile must be your own original work that you've done to get your printer going with MatterControl. We will not accept ported profiles from Cura, RepHost, etc. (that's too easy and we can do it-- we're looking for genuine work).*
    2. The profile must be for the stock version of the printer, not modified in any way. Your own printer can be modded, but the profile must not reflect these changes and must be able to work for the stock version with little to no additional work.
    3. The files for the profile must be named and organized in a folder like existing profiles (see the link below).
    4. There is a limit of three (3) $15 credits per user account**.

    Format the profile according to the instructions in this article: MatterControl Wiki: Custom Printer Profiles

    When you're ready, email the whole profile in .printer format to We'll check it out, and if it fits all the criteria we're looking for we'll reply with a coupon code good for $15 of merch in our store.

    Here's the current list of printers for which we'd like to have a profile:

    • 3D Design & Make
    • 3D Stuffmaker Mega Prusa
    • 3DKreator
    • 3DP1000
    • Architect Monoprice
    • Boxzy
    • BQ Witbox
    • Cetus 3D Printer
    • Creatbot
    • Creatbot DM02
    • Dream Maker Overlord and Overlord Pro
    • Dremel IdeaBuilder
    • E3D BigBox
    • Einstart S
    • Fabrikator mini 1.5
    • Felix 3.0
    • Geeetech New Kossel Delta Rostock Mini G2s
    • GermanRepRap NEO
    • HICTOP Prusa i3
    • Hyvision Cubicon
    • invent-a-part's Rigidbot
    • MakerFarm Pegasus 8” & 10"
    • Makerfarm Prusa
    • Makerfront
    • Mankati Fullscale XT Plus
    • Mass Portal Pharaoh series
    • MendelMax 3
    • Micromake D1
    • Monoprice Dual
    • Monoprice Maker Select
    • Monoprice Maker Select Mini
    • Polar 3D Printer
    • Printrbot Play
    • QU-BD 1up, 2up, and 3up
    • QU-BD Revolution XL
    • Raise3D N-series
    • Renkforce 1000
    • Replikat M5 Extended
    • RepRap Wilson II
    • RigidBot DX
    • Rostock mini G2s Pro by Geeetech
    • Tevo Little Monster
    • Tevo Tarantula
    • Ultimaker Original
    • Velleman Vertex K8400
    • Wanhao Duplicator 2
    • Wanhao Duplicator 6
    • Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus
    • Zinter Pro
    • Zmorph
    • If your printer isn't on the list but still isn't supported by MatterControl and you have a profile, feel free to send it anyway-- we'll still honor the giveaway terms.

    *EDIT: We realized that it's not really possible to simply copy a profile from other slicers; proper profile creation takes testing, and that's tough work. We'll accept any profile that may have *started* as a copy from Cura, RepHost, etc., but is actually the result of some diligent work to make compatible with MatterControl.
    **Unless you're incredibly savvy and have more than three printers that you've generated profiles for. In that case, we'd very much like to talk to you anyway so email us and we can make an exception.

  • Any credit for fixing major issues with current profiles?

    Is there an appropriate place to report problems?

  • @natewin We'll honor the $15 credit for submission of a profile that fixes a major issue, but we will decide what is a major issue and what isn't. Basically, we're looking to reward significant effort, so as long as your profile is vastly improved over the current iteration we would consider it a new profile and issue the $15 credit.

  • Hey

    Don't like necro'ing threads, but I have a CTC branded printer (Pretty sure it's a makerbot clone). Is it possible to have it added to your list of printers? Happy to export my settings out for you to look at.


  • i have a Anet E16 let see how this works out

  • I have a delta 3d printer called Silhouette ALTA that I found the G-Code after searching for through the internet. Some of it seems to work but I keep getting a thumping while it is attempting to print. Do you have any idea of what may be causing this?

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