Suitability of PETG for printing fine details and objects with many islands

  • I am trying to print the test object ctrlV:

    using MatterControl 1.5.3 with PETG.

    However even when I set the print speed to a low value (50mm/s) and enable retraction (enabled by default anyway), the print is still very stringy with residues around the edges, and small letters either missing or in a mess.

    So is PETG a suitable material for printing fine details? If so, do you have a PETG setting file that I can import?

  • PET is highly prone to stringing and oozing. It also has a tendency to collect on the nozzle and then deposit itself in a large glob halfway through the print. I think the best you can do is follow our guide on tuning retractions. This will minimize the oozing, but you can never really eliminate it.

  • Thanks for pointing me out the tutorial, and yes I am calibrating the retraction setting right now as per the tutorial.

    However, how can I address the missing letter issue in the print test? The nozzle diameter is 0.4mm, is it too big for the ctrlV test? If so, how small can I go for the nozzle?

    Also, are there any other causes for missing letters in 3D prints? Currently the print speed is 50mm/s Is this too fast for PETG?

  • Check you layer view and see if the letters are actually being generated. If they are not, then it is just because of your nozzle size. See this post.

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